Climate Change (CC), with an annual average temperature increase of 0.5 degrees Celsius over 70 years and the number of cold air cycles with a high intensity over the past two decades, has been leading to massive losses for the entire human race, including Vietnam. Vietnam is the fifth country in the world to be affected by climate change. Challenges by climate change have forced human being to think about how we live, consume, produce and trade, and the responsibility to protect the environment for ourselves today and the future of the next generation. Green Innovation Initiatives are how we take action to change our behavior, our way of life, our way of consumption and production in a way that is conducive to the environment and thereby contributing to our small contribution to protecting the fruit. land.

Website “Green Innovation” – is a hub of information, knowledge and services under The Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AIT-VN) to support implementation of Green Innovation Initiatives that are good for the environment with high social responsibility and brings economic benefits. Website “Green Innovation” provides information, knowledge, training/ consulting/ technology services and promote networking and partnership on Green Innovation Initiatives.

Green Innovation Initiatives – can be innovation in technology, organization model and operation, in business strategy, in consumption behavior… that are designed to reduce greenhouse gas emission, or carbon footprint. The initiatives will have high potential of business opportunities. When think of Reuse, Repair, Re-design – do not design product, but life cycle, natural materials are definite…, you start forming “Green Innovation Initiatives”. Start with small innovation. This will result in unexpected impacts for us and next generations.