General information

  • Donor :
    Asia Invest Program
     Duration :
    Location :
    Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia


  1. Enhance capacity of selective industries in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia on development of products that are environment-friendly and social-responsibility as well as meet requirments of European markets
  2. Create continuous support, then increase business opportunities from the Indochina countries to Europe


Promote cleaner production techniques transfer and adaption reagarding products development and design for sustainability (D4S) methodology through creating demand and need of of sustainable products design service


  1. Conduct national assessment to identify target industries and products in the three countries. Adapt and integrate D4S knowledge and information into cleaner production definiftion (CP4BP approach). Organize one training of trainer workshop for technical service providers and reprensetatives from the selected industries of the three countries (25 participants).
  2. Demonstrate advanced benefits of CP4BP approach through conducting pilots at 6-8 enterprises in 3 target industries (resulting in 6-8 new-design or re-designed products towards sustainability, 30 participants trained on the approacj), with the participation of partners in Vietnam and Europe, local authorities and community. Conduct 3 studies on method of replication of CP4BP approach in the selective industries.
  3. Finalize CP4BP documents based on findings in pilot projects and studies. Organize 5 conferences by industries to introduct and dissemintate the CP4BP approach and its benefits in the three countries, targeting technical service providers (150 participants). Organize a national conference targeting Vietnam authorities and management agents (from 50 – 100 participants)

4. Disseminate CP4BP toolkit and lesson learnt (targeting 400 people)


  1. Cleaner production and D4S approaches in term of products development had been developed and piloted in 3 selected industries.
  2. Raise awareness and capacity of the selective industries, support stakeholders and local and national authorities and community (approximately 700 direct beneficiaries). Cleaner production and D4S tools had been disseminated to targeting organizations and management agents.
  3. Increase business opportunities and improve environmental index of 8 pilot companies with 74 new-design and re-designed products towards sustainability.
  4. Promote partnership and business opportunities between Europe and the Indochina countries.


  1. Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC) – Lead partner
  2. Asian Institute of Technology in Vietnam (AITCV)
  3. Phnom Penh Small and Medium Industry Associate, Cambodia (PSMI)
  4. Laos National Centre for Commerce and Industry
  5. Departmen of Technology, Industry and Economy, UN Environment
  6. Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands